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Daily Calendar for the Prayer needs of a Pastor (Please print and pray daily)

Why Christians Should Never Leave The KJV Bible

King James Bible - Articles Bible Studies, and Comparisons

Faith Promise

Doctrinal Issues

Patriotic Articles


Bible Doctrines I & II

Studies in Daniel an exhaustive outline of the book of Daniel.

The Problem of The Cross an outline to help with a sermon or Bible study.

Twelve Evidences That You Have Lost Your First Love from Revelation 2:1-7

Jewish Months (pre exilic) from Exodus chapter 12

Seven Mysteries Christians are to be good stewards of the "mysteries of God."

3 Priorities In The Christian's Life

Anatomy of the Messiah

What Did The Risen Lord Jesus Christ Say About Homosexuality?

Joy in our Salvation from Habakkuk 3

What Was The REAL Reason For The Mass Murders At The Theatre In Aurora?

Pulpit commentary on Isaiah 60:12

Overtaken By The Blessings Of God a study from Deuteronomy 28.

The Biblical Feasts of Israel-Leviticus 23 with chart

A Confederacy of Fools a tract concerning a godless America

Have You Acknowledged God In Your Life? the concept from Proverbs 3:5-6

Demonic Brain Fog a tool of the devil

Will You Believe This? A tract about the importance of believing the Bible

Response to 2013 DOMA ruling A tract warning of the dangers of a godless America

The Puppet Master A tract concerning who is pulling the strings in America

Jesus and the Pope Disagree a tract in response to statement made by Pope Francis

Blood Bought My Freedom, Someone Had to Die. a tract in remembrance of sacrifice

The Real Saint Patrick A tract with a brief historical account of Patrick

Getting to the Root of the Problem: God-Free Zones

How to Really Make America Great Again

My Story by Paul Ehardt the miracle of God's grace

A Study Guide in The Book of James

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