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The Fundamental Top 500

Messages By Dr. Robert Bliss

A Special Multimedia presentation
God's plan for the Future — Sermon, Song, outline, and chart based on the song
The Midnight Cry
MP3 Dr. Bliss "The Lamb of God"
Ellicott Baptist Church, Ellicott, Co.
preached February 18, 2018

MP3 Dr. Bliss "The Seed and the Sower"
@Rocky Mountain Baptist Church, Pueblo, Co
preached January 3, 2018
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jesus, Love and Humilty"
@Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church
from John 13 on March 2, 2014
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Blood Bought My Freedom"
@Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church
from Matthew 26:29 on March 9, 2014
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Choices"
@Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church
from Matthew 22:22 on September 22, 2013
MP3 Dr. Bliss "This World or That World?"
@Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church
from Luke 20:27-38 on February 16, 2014
MP3 Dr. Bliss "A Spiritual Contrast"
@Pitkin Avenue Baptist Church
from John 15:1-11 on September 15, 2013
MP3 Dr. Bliss " A Tender Heart"
@ Rocky Mountain Baptist Church
beginning in Mark 6 on January 19, 2014
MP3 Dr. Bliss "The Puppet Master"
beginning in Genesis
preached with a powerpoint presentation
we hope to add that in the future
MP3 Dr. Bliss " A Man Named Jesus"
@ Rocky Mountain Baptist Church
from John 9:1-7 on September 8, 2013
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Isaiah 60:12-pulpit commentary"
beginning is Luke 4 - Serving and Worship
MP3 Dr. Bliss "The Devils Questions Of Jesus"
preached from Matthew 4:1-11
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Help Lord, For The Godly Man Ceaseth"
a message from Psalm 12
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jesus Is The Lamb"
a message from John 1:29
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Why Does Trouble Come To Us"
a message from 2Corinthians Chapter 1
MP3 Dr. Bliss "The Woman that Worshipped Jesus"
a message from Luke 7:36-50
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Giving a New Testament Principle"
a mid-week message from Deuteronomy 28:10-14
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Let not your heart be troubled"
New Years message from John 14
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jesus is the Christ"
From John 1:41
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jesus is the Life"
From John 1:4
MP3 Dr. Bliss "In His Right Mind"
From Luke chapter 8
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Ingratitude"
From Luke 17:11-19
November 25, 2012
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jesus is the Light"
From John 1:5, preached November 18, 2012 pm
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Thanks be to God for all His Benefits"
From Psalm 103, preached November 18, 2012
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Lesson from Ephesians Chapter 1"
from Ephesians 1:15 
@ Heritage Baptist Church
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Jewish Holidays and Feasts"
Lesson from Leviticus 23 22 
September 16, 2012
MP3 Dr. Bliss "Overtaken by the blessings of God Pt 1"
Preached from Dueteronomy 28:1-9 
September 12, 2012
MP3 Dr. Bliss "They left him and went their way"
Preached from Matthew 21 & 22 
September 9, 2012
MP3 "What Shall We Do"
A message from John 6
MP3 What Manner of Man Is This? 
A message from Luke 8
MP3 God 
A message from Hebrews 1
@ Rocky Mountain Baptist Church, Pueblo CO
MP3 Jesus is Better 
Continued message from Hebrews 1
@ Rocky Mountain Baptist Church, Pueblo CO
MP3 Who is Jesus? 
A message/study from Matthew 16, 22 and John 8
MP3 Desire God'sWord 
A study in 1Peter 1 & 2
MP3 Jesus Marvelled at His Faith 
A message from Luke 7:1-10
MP3 The Way of God for a Nation 
A 4th of July message from Matthew 7:13-20
MP3 Faith 
A message from Matthew 8:5-13
MP3 Roots for Families 
from the Proverbs 12:3
@ Lighthouse Baptist. 
To read the associated tract go to Articles
MP3 Palm Sunday 2011 from the Mark 11-14
an important message regarding the "Passion Week."
The Seven Feasts of Israel a related chart.
MP3 Knowledge of God 
from the 2Peter 1:1-11
@ Calvary Baptist, Edmond, OK.
MP3 Jesus the Light of the World 
from the Gospel of John
MP3 Wait Don't Faint looking to the future
from Isaiah 40:28-37
MP3 The choices we make "They left Him and went their way"
from Mark 12:12
MP3 A midweek message about the importance of Prayer
from Philippians chapter 4
MP3 Memorial Day Message by Dr. Bliss (CWO-4 USN ret.)
&from Luke chapter 22
MP3 God's Telephone Number
from Jeremiah 33:3
MP3 Faith in God's Promises
from Joshua 3
MP3 Election and Predestination
the first two of seven blessings found in Ephesians 1:1-4,
@ New Heights Baptist Church
MP3 What About Your Heart
from Mark 7
@ Sunrise Baptist Church
MP3 Who is Jesus?from Matthew 16,
@ Lighthouse Baptist Church
Who is Jesus?related article/handout.

MP3  Marriage and Family Conference - Colby CO - 2011 
     Communication in Marriage the #1 Problem 
     Communication In Marriage handout.
MP3  Marriage and Family Conference - Colby CO - 2011 
     The Little Foxes problem areas that can destroy your marriage
MP3  Marriage and Family Conference - Colby CO - 2011 
     Principles about Finances make decisions on principles and not circumstances. 
     Wisdom In The Use Of Money related article.
MP3  Landmark Baptist Church - Walsenburg CO - 2011 
     Tap Roots for Strong Families undergirding your Christian life. 
     Tap Roots for Strong Families Available in PDF format also.
MP3  Landmark Baptist Church - Walsenburg CO - 2011 
     Forgiveness a resource in your Christian life. 
     Related chart The Seven Last Sayings Of Christ Also available in PDF format.

MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 1
    Introduction to "Old Paths Baptist Ministry"
MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 2
    The Importance of the Word of God
MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 3
    How We Got The Bible part-1
MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 4
    How We Got The Bible part-2
MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 5
    On the Peservation of Scripture.
MP3  King James Bible Conference - Laramie WY - 2004 session 6
    That Amazing Book

Preachers Conference 2011
Heritage Baptist Church

Yuma, Arizona

MP3 A Few Good Men - preached by Bro. Jim Dutton 
    from Acts 15
MP3 The Old Paths - preached by Bro. Jim Roy 
    from Jeremiah 6
MP3 Mine Eyes Have Seen The King - preached by Pastor Scribner (conference host) 
    from Isaiah 6
MP3 He Giveth Power To The Faint - preached by Robert E. Bliss (conference host) 
    from Isaiah 40

Classic Sermons

MP3  R.G. Lee's famous sermon "Payday Someday"
    Taken from tape the quaility is not great but the message is.
MP3  Dr. Bob Gray's famous sermon "Boxes, Bottles, and Books"
    Taken from tapes (4 sides) recorded in January of 1956.
MP3  Dr. Bill Pennell's classic sermon "The Lost Axe Head"
    Taken from 2Kings 6:1-7.
MP3  Brother Lester Roloff preaches "Bible Toters and Bible Quoters"
    at a men's meeting in December 1981.
MP3  Brother Lester Roloff preaches "Doctor Law and Doctor Grace"
    at a tent meeting.
MP3  Brother Lester Roloff preaches "Honey in the Rocks"
    in Hammond, Indiana.
MP3  Brother Lester Roloff preaches "The Lost Fear of God"
    at a meeting July 23, 1975.
MP3  Dr. B.R. Lakin (1901-1984) preaches "Why I Know There Is A God"
    Dr.Lakin is considered by many to be the prince of preachers for his time.
MP3  Dr. Percy Ray (May 21,1910-April 11, 1991) preaches "Red Light to Hell"
    Dr. Ray gave a plain, simple, powerful message of a holy God who would judge sin.
MP3  Dr. G. B. Vick preaches "New Testament Soulwinning"
    at the Sword of the Lord conference on Soulwinning August 13, 1974
MP3  J. Frank Norris preaches "Remission of Sin"
    from Acts 10:44
MP3  Dr. Bob Jones,Sr. (1883-1968) preached in chapel October 26, 1958
     "Why Trimmest Thou Thy Way" from Jeremiah 2:33
MP3  Dr. Truman Dollar preached in Lynchburg, VA 
     "The Requirements of an Encourager" from Acts 13
MP3  Dr.Walter Wilson, MD (1881-1969) preaches "Winning Souls"
     A medical doctor, preacher and soul winner he spoke often on winning souls.

The Voices of YesterYear

Each is a brief audio clip we believe to be of interest,
taken from old tapes they have been restored to the level of my ability.

MP3  Charles Weigle "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"
     Read the story of Charles Weigle's conversion
MP3  Martin Ralph De Haan - founder of The Radio Bible Class
MP3  Dr. Bob Jones "Earnestly Contend for the Faith"
MP3  George Washinton Truett "Stand Up For Jesus"
MP3  Joseph Henry Hinken "Sinful Men and a Holy God"
MP3  Henry Allen Ironside "Have You Ever Acknowledged the Fact You Are A Sinner?"
MP3  Lester Roloff "Discipline, an Illustration of Love"
MP3  Ford Porter "The Power of Prayer"
MP3  J. Frank Norris "A Salvation Story"
MP3  Charles E. Fuller "Invitation To Salvation"
MP3  Dr.B.R. Lakin "Who Made God?"