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A Ministry of Helps
How do we help?
We provide Pulpit supply without harming the Pastor's ministry, 3 to 5 day conferences, web design and support, and more click here...
Pastor Testimonials
Pastor Gordon Rodgers Statement:
As a Pastor who has benefited by Brother Bliss' ministry, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Brother and Mrs. Bliss (both) have a servant's heart click here...

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What is it that we do, let us show you in this video we have created Click here to find a church.




The Fundamental Top 500


Faith Promise Missions

Can you see "the small hands waving?" a tract pointing to the importance of missions
Can you see "The Smoke Of A Thousand Villages?"
Do You Have An Heart For Missions? an easy to take quiz will help you answer the question
The Joy of Sacrifical Giving: excerpted from a series of lessons on missions giving.
Chart on Scriptual Faith Giving available for download in PDF format