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Have An


For Missions?

Mark your answers honestly,
And see how high Your score is
on your
Missions Report Card.

  1. Are you happy and excited when it is announced that your church will be having a missionary speaker, missions emphasis, or missionary conference?
     Yes   No
  2. Do you have personal friends who are missionaries?
     Yes   No
  3. Do you personally correspond with any missionaries?
     Yes   No
  4. Do you know where to locate the Great Commisson verses in the Bible?
     Yes   No
  5. Do you know the names and fields of service for the missionaries supported by your church?
     Yes   No
  6. Do you pray regularly for missionaries by name and need?
     Yes   No
  7. Do you give specifically to the support of missions through your local church?
     Yes   No
  8. Would you willing to make a faith giving promise, above and beyond you regular tithes and offerings, for the support of missions in your local church?
     Yes   No
  9. Are you willing to give God first call on your life for vocational Christian service, even if it should mean less income and living in a distant land?
     Yes   No
  10. As a parent, would you be willing and happy to have your child/children in full time service?
     Yes   No

Grading Key:
Questions answered NO receive no points.
Questions answered YES receive points according to the scale below.

Question # Points for YES
1 6
2 5
3 8
4 5
5 7
6 8
7 7
8 7
9 10
10 11

The Key
50 Points of More = Good heart for missions
40 - 49 Above average
33 - 39 Only average
Less than 33 Little concern for missions.

This little questionnaire has been copied and adapted from an old one that I picked up many years ago. The author did not identify himself so I cannot give him or her credit for what they designed. I have modernized it and adapted it for our Mission's ministries. If you should know where it originally came from, please let me know, and I will be happy to give them the credit for the idea.
Dr. Bliss

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